What is a Rocket Mass Heater?

The Rocket mass heater is the name used to describe the heating system that uses the rocket stove. The general gist of it is that the heat expelled by the rocket stove circulates and warms up other parts of the home and this results in the warmth being insulated inside the masonry of the house. This result is a very efficient way of retaining the heat inside the home that would otherwise be expelled through the chimney or windows. This warm will stay in the home for many hours longer than normal heating systems. This is particularly useful for homes which are in very cold climates.

Advantages of a Rocket Mass Heater

Because of the efficiency of the rocket mass stove, much less fuel is needed for the fire. This means much less effort is required to obtain the firewood or much less money is needed for the fuel. Rocket mass stoves work particularly well when combined with warmth retaining building materials such as cob or earth. Other are the eco-friendliness of the system and the minimal damage that occurs to the environment. An effective rocket mass heater can use up to 90% less wood and when properly installed and a single large fire can heat the home the days. They are also incredibly cheap to build with some self builders managing to install the stove for very little money at all.


Disadvantages of a Rocket Mass Heater

However, when using a rocket mass heater there are a couple of issues that you need to take into account. Firstly, because many rocket mass heaters are self built, extra care needs to be taken when implementing the design. For example, builders must be aware of the blowback that can occur with smoke if the rocket mass heater is not properly designed to be airtight. Extra caution should also be paid to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that a rocket mass heater installation also contains a carbon monoxide detector. Having highlighted these problems, one should not be dissuaded from the benefits of rocket mass stove as for many people these problems can be easily overcome and the advantages are far greater than any of the drawbacks.

Rocket Mass Heater Plans

Because a rocket mass heater is such a unique way of heating the home, it is not so easy to find a builder who is familiar with the techniques of a rocket mass stove. Therefore many people decide that they will build it themselves. However, then the issue becomes what is the best way of building a rocket mass heater. What I have done with this site is list some of the most useful information available for those who want to build a rocket mass heater. I suggest you start by buying several books that I’ve recommended below. There is a lot of free information out there however the problem with the Internet is that you do not know how trustworthy some of this information is and I’ve seen several websites where a lot of this information is very incorrect. That is why reading a book on the subject is a better choice to make.

Recommended books:

I wish you all the best in your rocket mass heater builds!